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le dossier partenaire
TRADUIREA word from the President

The demographic weight of women, their economic influence by 2065, and the weakness of their political commitment: the combination of these 3 factors will contribute to give women major economic visibility.

However, the opposite effect will happen in the political sphere, probably due to typical indifference.

The will to create RES FEMINA was born from this seldom noticed yet real paradox.

Simone Veil agreed to be the organization’s honorary patron

And Maud Fontenoy is our junior patron.

I am an elected representative from Paris, and I have taken to heart the issue of women’s participation in politics. I am all too often saddened by young women’s lack of interest, their weak political commitment. There is a clear disaffection for politics, an absence of motivation.


Reasons are surely many, and the situation might be temporary, but it would be paradoxical to see that just when the conditions for their success improve, the candidates do not meet the challenge. As if now that the theoretical debate is won, its practical achievement lost all interest.

French society is more open than ever, virtually all social sectors are now open to women.

Thus, the way is paved for all talents to emerge and fulfill themselves.
 This is RES FEMINA’s ambition.

It is up to Frenchwomen themselves to grab this opportunity, because there is only so much political structures can do. It is always possible to create opportunities through legislative devices or adjusting polling modes to compensate for women’s representation deficit on the French political stage, but let’s not forget: “law is good, will is better!”

We must keep in mind that affirmative action devices always end up generating their own contradictions, so they can only be transitional even if they are now necessary.


Women have to realize it’s high time they took their political destiny into their own hands!

There is no generation in gestation!

Sylvette Dionisi